Outlands Roleplaying Guild Directory

Outlands is home to a rapidly growing roleplaying community. Here are some guilds we can look forward to interacting with.

The Blackstone Company [TBC]

The Blackstone Company is a mercenary guild. We are a group of fighters in search of fortune and glory against all odds and all opposition.

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Bloodclan [Orcs]

Waaagh! Orcs!

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Bloodrock Clan [Urk]

Waaagh! MORE orcs?!

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Boulderfist Ork Clan [Ork]

The Boulderfist Orc Clan is a role playing guild focused on PvP and PvM, shiny loot, and wildly over exaggerated tales of badassery.

Clan Ulfhednar [VKNG]

Jarl Harek of Clan Ulfhednar is now hearing blade oaths from any man willing to fight for his share of glory and wealth! Fight for what you want, earn it with your blood! Paradise is only for the brave and strong!


Exile Company [Ex]

The [Ex]ile Company are a band of mercenaries, who joined together as a rag tag crew, different personalities, different origins, all ready to lay down their sword for one another.

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Imperium Prevalia [Prev]

It was not long ago when Prevlia held sway over the entire known world and Imperium Prevalia is seeking to restore Pax Prevalia. We are accepting all manner of citizens; those who craft and trade, adventurers and of course we are looking for able bodied soldiers to fill out the ranks of the Legion and Navy.


Ironworks Clan [DWRF]

The Knight's Guild [Sir.]

A casual RP guild of Knights set out to discover their past here and purify the shrines in these Outlands and spawn emergent RP from the ongoing shard story/lore.


Legends Of Trinsic [Trin]

Fighting to restore Cambria to its rightful rulership.

Yew Rangers [Yew]

Green clad rangers protecting their land and people.