The Blackstone Company

The Blackstone Company

The Blackstone Company is a mercenary guild on the Outlands Ultima Online free server. We are a group of fighters in search of fortune and glory against all odds and all opposition.

The character that will fit in best is a thrill-seeking adventurer with dollar signs for eyes, but there is room for all comers. After all, the company needs equipment made, drinks served, and a place to spend their gold!

We have a heavy emphasis on roleplay, and while we participate in all aspects of the game, we like to use it as a platform for storytelling. Members are expected to be in character the majority of the time.

Interested? Hop into the Discord and say hello!

Company By-laws


The company doesn’t have much in the way of a uniform. Resources are scarce, and who likes to follow the crowd, anyway? We do like to be able to spot each-other in a brawl, though.


Decisions are made by vote. All Company members get a vote, but the votes of members with red sashes are worth one and a half.

OOC Rules & Other Notes

~ Derek Lumbar, Company Founder